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Videobot COO discusses Conversational Marketing & AI at Martech Nordic 2023

The Videobot COO, Elia Elenius was featured on a panel discussion at the Martech Nordic 2023 event, discussing conversational marketing and AI.

During the panel discussion, Elia championed conversational marketing’s essence: crafting chats that resonate with users’ interests. For him, genuine interactions are all about skipping the unnecessary and focusing on what truly matters to customers.

​Balancing tech and humanity, Elia notes the current AI avatar limits, especially in warmth. For our clients, he says, real faces in videos work best externally, while AI avatars fit internal comms.

Elia sees AI video as the next big leap after text, but adds that AI avatars might miss human nuances, but keep an eye on evolving avatars for more authenticity soon!

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