We are a video solution that harnesses the full power of interactive videos.

Videobot aims to breathe life into digital experiences and empower businesses to connect, engage, and captivate their audience in meaningful ways.

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QR codes

Videobot can extend beyond your website. Enhance the connection between the physical and digital realms by integrating QR codes into:

  • Storefronts
  • Trade show booths
  • Print advertisement
  • Physical products
  • TV
  • OOH & DOOH
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Powerful Analytics

Optimise your video funnels across the customer journey with state of the art analytics.

Track engagement and impact:

  • Directly on the dashboard, or
  • Seamlessly integrate with your preferred analytics tools to make well-informed decisions using cutting-edge analytics features.

Security & Compliance

Videobot prioritizes security. We safeguard your data by adhering to privacy best practices, relevant laws like GDPR, and providing our staff with ongoing security training to stay informed about new threats.

Our focus is on secure development practices, following the principle of least privilege.

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