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Videobot Dashboard

The Videobot Dashboard puts you in the driver's seat, allowing you to have complete control over your Videobot operations. Manage settings, content, and interactions effortlessly from a centralized hub.

Comprehensive Control
Real-time Analytics
Content Management
User-Friendly Interface

Videobot builder

With the Videobot Builder, you have the power to create personalized and engaging conversations for your users. Tailor the dialogue flow, responses, and interactions to match your specific business needs.

Customized Funnels
Drag-and-Drop Simplicity
Multi-Platform Deployment
Instant Updates

Videobot Analytics

Videobot Analytics provides you with invaluable data and insights into how your Videobots are performing. Understand user behavior, engagement patterns, and conversion rates to make informed decisions.

Data-Driven Insights
Performance Tracking
Conversion Optimization
Custom Reporting

Expert customer support

Your success is our priority. Our customer success team is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and overcome any challenges you may encounter. We're here to support you every step of the way.

Knowledgeable Assistance
Timely Response
Personalized Service
Dedicated to Your Success

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