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Driving customers where they need to be with Videobot

This case study brings into focus the Galadari Motor Driving Centre. Galadari’s partnership with Videobot is a particularly illustrative example of how Videobot creates an impactful way of companies delivering great user experience as well as brand connection. 


Galadari Motor Driving Centre



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Galadari Motor Driving Centre in Dubai partnered with Videobot to enhance user experience and streamline information delivery across diverse driving courses for both individuals and businesses to generate high quality leads.

With such a range of different options available for both B2C and B2B clientele, GMDC has plenty of information to present to its website visitors. Enter Videobot and a chance for GMDC to break through the clutter, bringing users quickly to the information they seek in an interactive and engaging way.

“Diana and Videobot have been amazing in helping us bring our Videobot to life. We have known for a while how much potential we have been losing through our online presence. Now with Videobot, we have the solution to capture that potential. We are also so pleased with how this solution allows us to recreate our strong emphasis on customer service, and highlight the people at the heart of our value proposition.”
Natalia Cuesta Fuentes
Social Media Marketing Specialist

What you’ll find in the case study:

The analytics of the GMDC case study demonstrate the fast and impressive return on invest Videobot can deliver, however, this is only part of the story. The partnership with GMDC also demonstrates how Videobot can dramatically impact customer service and engagement across any industry, no matter how niche – a benefit and value less easy to quantify.

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