Case Study

How Savings Bank Recreated Customer Experience Online

Discover how the Savings Bank of Finland streamlined their online mortgages journey with the use of Videobot, and managed to nurture the different user personas!





Key results:



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Videobot’s short-format videos became the ideal solution, aligning with Savings Bank’s commitment to personalized customer support and fresh marketing approaches.

Implementation: Videobot seamlessly integrated into Savings Bank’s mortgage pages, offering personalized paths for diverse user personas and simplifying the user experience.

“Savings bank’s strength is the customer experience we provide. It’s a core value that we really take pride in. We wanted to create the same kind of feeling for our online customers. If they were applying for a mortgage, we wanted a genuine savings professional there providing advice. That's where Videobot came in. We have a large variety of customers but with Videobot we can easily direct people to the information they are looking for. We are very happy with how much support the Videobot team has provided. So much so, all we’ve had to do is determine the content of the video and they took care of rest.”
Seppo Kankaantähti

What you’ll find in the case study:

Savings Bank is a great example of how Videobot can provide a solution to companies with diverse and complex portfolios, as well as those with a wide range of customer profiles. Savings Bank was keenly aware of the developing trends toward video content as a more impactful medium and saw Videobot as a knowledgeable and proactive provider.

Savings Bank have benefited from the many ways in which video can support and impact their users, whether in engagement and guidance, the retention of information, brand recall, or personalised experiences. With the professional support provided by Videobot’s customer success specialists, Savings Bank is also building up knowledge and experience in how to create and deliver short-form video content that their users really want to engage with.

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