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Explore the power of Vid´╗┐eobot for the Event Industry

Bring your event to life with Videobot, an innovative solution that transforms event promotion, sponsorship packages, in-event support, email marketing, ad campaigns, and customer service. By integrating interactive videos and personalized assistance, Videobot enhances engagement, boosts conversions, and elevates the overall experience for attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors alike.

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Exhibitor Showcasing

Elevate your sponsors’ presence with their own Videobots, allowing them to showcase their products and services to event attendees in an engaging and interactive manner. Videobots help sponsors stand out, providing a powerful platform to communicate their value proposition and connect with potential customers effectively.

Customer Experience

Enhance your customer service standards with instant support and personalized assistance through Videobot.

This immediate access to helpful information and guidance fosters positive relationships and ensures a smooth, enjoyable experience for all participants. By integrating Videobot, you demonstrate a commitment to superior customer service, making every interaction seamless and satisfying.

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In-event support

Build personalised at-event Videobots to allow attendees to find what they are looking for in an immersive format.

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QR Codes

Enhance your event with Videobot-enabled QR codes, offering seamless attendee engagement and instant access to crucial information. Strategically placed throughout the venue, these QR codes deliver personalized video content, from registration details and event navigation to session schedules and speaker bios.

Transform your event into a dynamic and interactive experience with Videobot-enabled QR codes!

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Revolutionise Video Campaigns

Video Campaigns

Utilize Videobot to create engaging campaigns, delivering targeted messages to potential attendees.


Personalise Event Promo

Event Promo

Use Videobot to showcase your event with interactive videos and show website visitors why they must attend.


Bring Email Marketing to life

Email Marketing

Integrate Videobot into SMS and email marketing to deliver rich multimedia content, boosting engagement and conversions.

Build a bridge between physical and digital with Videobot

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