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Simplifying the Car Buying Journey with Videobot

Discover how a Finnish car dealer used Videobot to simplify the complex car buying journey to drive success.

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Background: Keskusautohalli, a longstanding Finnish car dealership, sought to navigate the challenges of a complex and competitive automotive market. Established in 1927, the dealership represents various brands and aimed to revolutionize its marketing approach to meet evolving customer preferences.

Challenges and Objectives:

  • Difficulty in deciding the optimal marketing mix in a competitive industry.
  • A need for fresh and engaging methods to reach and interact with potential car buyers.
  • Embracing advanced car purchasing trends, including pre-sales and pre-marketing.

Key Objective: Enhance user engagement, promote new cars effectively, and nurture potential leads in the evolving car-buying landscape.

Solution: Implement Videobot to provide an engaging and informative experience for potential car buyers. Videobot served as a sophisticated marketing tool, streamlining the complex car-buying journey.




  • Videobot introduced for maintenance assistance and showcasing the new Volvo EX30.
  • User-friendly navigation and a human touch emphasized by Videobot’s design.
  • Videobot’s ease of use provided a structured and engaging platform.

Customer Testimonial:Henna, Tia and the team at Videobot are always there when we need them. We would definitely recommend Videobot to others and have already seen some of our competitors follow our lead.” – Sini from Keskusautohalli


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  • Videobot became a catalyst for showroom visits.
  • Positive feedback from customers on Videobot’s impact.
  • Videobot stands out with an impressive click-through-rate (CTR) and engagement rate, surpassing industry standards.
  • Videobot is recognized as a benchmark for innovation in the automotive sector, influencing competitors to adopt Videobot.

Conclusion: Videobot empowered Keskusautohalli to streamline the car-buying journey, providing an all-in-one platform for engaging and nurturing potential buyers. By combining video content with user-friendly navigation, Videobot significantly increased awareness and understanding of featured cars. The success is evident in customer confidence, showroom footfall, and positive feedback, positioning Keskusautohalli as an innovative leader in the automotive industry. Videobot’s role in moving potential customers through the sales funnel showcases its effectiveness in increasing website engagement and creating informed, confident leads for the showroom.



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