Interactive Video Technology: Doubling Conversion Rates for ANCORE

Learn how ANCORE Training, a leading provider of cable training fitness equipment, doubled its conversion rate during Black Friday by leveraging the power of interactive video technology through Videobot.

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ANCORE, a leading provider of cable training fitness equipment, faced a significant challenge in effectively communicating the benefits and usage of its products to potential customers. With the complex nature of its fitness equipment, explaining through text or static images proved to be challenging. This resulted in the company’s customer support and sales teams being inundated with queries, especially during peak sales periods, and a strain on resources.

To overcome this challenge, ANCORE decided to leverage interactive video technology and integrated Videobot into their website. This move enabled potential customers to access product demonstrations at their convenience, reducing the need for human intervention and allowing for more efficient and effective communication of product information.

The positive impact of this solution was almost immediate. During the Black Friday sale, ANCORE doubled its conversion rate, and Videobot was instrumental in enhancing sales and customer support. After three months, ANCORE’s management team elected to extend their six-month fixed contract with Videobot on an annual basis, in exchange for a discounted rate. This decision was driven by the measurable improvement in the company’s bottom line resulting from the positive impact on sales conversion and customer support efficiency.

Mike Carlson, a member of ANCORE’s team, was thrilled with the results and shared his experience, saying, “Just wanted to let you know Videobot absolutely helped us crush Black Friday! Our whole team loves it!”

ANCORE’s experience demonstrates the power of interactive video technology in enhancing customer support and sales. By leveraging Videobot, ANCORE was able to efficiently communicate complex product information, resulting in an increase in conversion rates and a positive impact on the company’s bottom line.




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Learn how ANCORE doubled their conversion rates with Videobot

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